IEEE IES Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee

Activities Program for INDIN 2017

The IEEE IES would like to propose the following activities for IEEE Students and Young Professionals:

Results and Informations regarding IES-SPTA

IES Student Paper and Travel Assistance (IES-SPTA)

Travel assistance for IES Students to attend the conference. The number and rules of the IES-SPTA can be found on the IEEE IES websites.

To apply for the IES-SPTA, please go to the IES Submission system:

If your paper will be accepted and if at least one co-author is an IEEE IES Student Member, you will be able to apply for the assistance. A paper has to be covered by a full registration. A student discount is not possiblte.

Important note: IES Students from the IES Student & Young Professionals Forum (IES-SF) have priority in the competition for IES-SPTA.

More details about the Student and Young Professionals activity can be found on the IEEE IES websites. Some advice on how to prepare your presentation (3-minute speech with three-minute video) can be found through this link:

If you have any other specific question, which is not clarified from the provided information above, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Jarsinski (mja|at| or Mr. Vahedi (

Sincerely yours,

0IEEE IES SandYPs-AC with IEEE INDIN 2017 Co-Chairs

Wichtige Daten

Stichtag für die Einreichung von:

  • special sessions proposals
    03. Februar 2017
    17. Februar 2017

  • tutorials proposals
    17. März 2017
    07. April 2017

  • papers (regular, special sessions and tools)
    28. February 2017
    28. März 2017
    14. April 2017

Benachrichtigung über die Annahme
14. April 2017
05. Mai 2017
15. Mai 2017

16. Mai 2017

Stichtag für die Einreichung von final manuscripts
19. Mai 2017
02. Juni 2017
11. Juni 2017