Well-Being and Health with Families for Families (German abbreviation: WOGE)

Headed by Prof. Dr. Jutta Lindert, February 01, 2017 saw the start of the three-year project “Well-Being and Health with Families for Families (German abbreviation: WOGE), which is sponsored by funds of the European Regional Development Fund.

The objectives of the project are

  1. to acquire data on whether, and if so, which family centres are needed in the region;
  2. to provide reliable data on mental health in the region.

In order to achieve these objectives, extensive data will be collected in the WOGE project over the next three years.


Foto Frau Prof. Dr. Jutta Lindert

Prof. Dr. Jutta Lindert
Project Director

(04921) 807-1632



The WOGE project is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund and by the Federal State of Lower Saxony.

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