Working Steps

Interviews are committed applying the predecessor project interview guideline which was successfully used in the panel survey for the evaluation of the change of the knowledge transfer in SPP 1299/2.

  • Questioning of a sample on transfer potentials and transfer activities.
  • Determination of promising transfer potentials and existing networks.
  • Development of an approach for the transaction cost analysis of an exploitation agent.
  • Documentation and Dissemination of the results.


Within the PATE-VA/MATRIX project the benefits of a non-technical instrument accelerating or supporting knowlegde transfer from the basic research into industrial application had to be pointed out.

Emphasis has been put on SME which showed a large demand potential considering the results of the PATE-project. SME have usually only limited resources contrary to the large-scale enterprises with own R&D departments, in order to position themselves adequately in innovation networks.

We assumed that an intermediary could offer support here. Furthermore we followed the assuption that successful exploitation agents as seen in a super-ordinate context can contribute to reduce the span of time needed to transfer knowledge to application respectively enable the application-oriented transfer of scientists knowledge in the first place.