Interview results: Factors for successful technology-transfer

The interviews conducted in the field of materials science and environmental chemistry led to the conclusion that a majority of technology importers  – meaning economic operators  - are lacking comprehensive knowledge regarding contact partners and networks. They also led to significant factors for a successful technology transfer.

This includes a trustful communication, a good network and reliable technology intermediaries. These must have extensive knowledge and have to be available on an ongoing basis to fulfill the conditions mentioned previously.

Constantly changing intermediaries and therefore short eligibility periods complicate the transfer. Furthermore it is imperative for the technology intermediaries to be neutral and not to pursue their own interests. That is why possible areas of application are sponsors or professional associations.

PIFURRA disburdens technology intermediaries

Developed through the project MATRIX, the PIFURRA-Tool aims to combine research results with concrete user-problems.  This generated a great deal of interest through the conducted interviews.

The tool accelerates the process of searching and finding considerably and extends it interdisciplinary which leads to a much more rapid way for implementing research results.

Usability of gained knowledge

Results of the PATE-VA project are usable to develop further instruments for managing the technology transfer and to create support measures for small and medium sized enterprises.

Final report

Titel: "Technology- and knowledge transfer out of schience into industry
An explorative study in the field of german materials science and environmental chemistry"

Authors: Dennis Hilgers, Agnes Pechmann, Frank Piller, Ingo Rey, Michael Ruddat, Alexander Sautter, Gerd Schumacher, Karolin Tampe-Mai, Jens Völler, Peter Weirich
Publisher: Forschungszentrum Jülich Zentralbibliothek, Verlag
Report-Nr.: Projektträger Jülich Schriftenreihe 01; ISBN:  978-3-89336-624-8; erschienen: 2010

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