Working Steps

Development of an interlinking method that selects already generated and stored knowledge specifically for current problem presentations from vast application sectors and provides it as solution information.

For further use of knowledge generally speaking supply (research result as potential solution information) and demand (current problem presenation) must be properly assigned.

There are barriers which can be overcome or avoided using the tool PIFURRA - a software-based interlinking method:

  • Limited access to the network of knowledge representatives.
    • professionally,
    • locally / geographically and
    • linguistic / culturally.
  • Restricted access to stored research results (in the case of knowledge documentation) because of
    • technical accessibility (access to the storage media),
    • linguistic access capability (codification),
    • domain-specific expertise (codification),
    • limited imagination ability regarding a possible transfer (creative competence),
    • search methodology.