Renewable energies in production - Organizational Requirements and Implementation

The increase of the renewable energy share of the german electricity-production and therefore as well the –feed-ins of renewable energies out of various energy-sources, are growing steadily.

The share of direct usage of these renewable energies by i.e. private households and/or local industries (GHD) has been not very large in 2011/2012. The “RENProV”-Project has analyzed organizational possibilities, which enable increasing the direct usage of these energies, respective this electric power.

100 % renewable energy

The industrial manufacturing of goods has solely commercial motives and for a reliable and complete (100 %) power supply, it is planned only with electricity out of the main public-grid. This means, there is mainly no load-management by the consumer.

Currently a 100 %-supply with power for every 15 minutes (96 15 minute-intervals á 7 days per week) out of renewable-energy sources cannot be adequately guaranteed, because of the limitations of the local energy-capacities.

The main part of the renewable energy-sources, i.e. wind-power and photovoltaic, is dependent on specific weather-parameter and therefore fluctuating and not direct influenceable.

One possibility for supplying production-sites with renewable energies, is the usage of energy-storages to balance energy-demand and – production (energy-supply).

The technical possibilities are limited and the costs of sufficient large energy-storages are currently too high for being financially viable to SMEs.

Production-planning and –scheduling

RENProV developed a production-planning and –scheduling software which ensures with an algorithm for finite capacity-planning and a limitation of the actual energy quantity, the best possible production regarding quantity and delivery-capability.

Therefore the software offers various opportunities:

  1. Expansion of production-time-windows – i.e. in the case of power-failure
  2. Increase of the technical performance limit by the usage of self-generated, renewable energy
  3. Highest production output possible by entirely grid-independent usage of renewable energy



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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Agnes Pechmann
Tel.: +49 (0) 4921 / 807 1438
E-Mail: agnes.pechmann|at|




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Agnes Pechmann

Tel.: +49 (0) 4921 / 807 1438
E-Mail: agnes.pechmann|at|

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