The EU HORIZON2020 project PERFoRM (Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery) is targeting the current need for increasing flexibility and reconfigurability in the manufacturing domain. This trend is caused by the increasing demand for more customized, but cheaper and higher quality products by the customer, as well as the necessity for the manufacturer to produce without delays or breakdowns to reduce production costs (

As a project partner, the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer set up a new Industry 4.0- compliant lab environment to demonstrate the connectivity between shop floor automation devices (OT level) and management systems (IT level). This kind of connectivity is becoming an essential research and innovation aspect that needs to be demonstrated with Technology Readiness Level six (TRL 6) and higher to make the Industry 4.0 paradigm an industrial reality. The Industry 4.0- compliant lab environment consists of a service-oriented shop floor (OT level) and three major management systems: an ERP system; a database; and a simulation for predictive maintenance (IT level).

The research group “Energy Efficiency in Production” at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer develops the simulation-based maintenance management system of the demonstrator.

Target of the system is to optimize the production plan and execute maintenance actions at the “right” time to avoid unplanned down-times and delays which result in reduced costs.


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