Research and Projects

For the manufacturing companies in North Western Germany, preparing for the future especially means staying competitive today and to orient towards upcoming requirements. Avoiding CO2-emission and using the advantages of resource-efficiency are demands in the future.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are under high pressure. They have to fulfill market requirements and face fierce competition. At the same time they meet ethical and economical expectations – today and in the future.

For most SMEs direct or indirect CO2-emissions have to play no superior role - financially speaking - and reducing them provides no incentives at all – apart from an improved ecological image. This will change.

Energy-awareness for companies

Companies, who are energy-aware, know their energy-demand and the possibilities to control and schedule them. These companies make energy-relevant decisions on a proper knowledge basis and take responsibility for their energy-consumption.

Energy-awareness leads to reduced energy costs and CO2-reduction, too.

We enable manufacturing companies being energy-aware and help them on their way becoming a CO2-neutral company by our approach regarding energy-efficiency and the developed tools.

Change of paradigms throughout the manufacturing

A change of paradigm will take place: production-planning and -scheduling will include energy-constraints and demand-site-management in addition to lead time reduction and delivery reliability. This leads to a holistic approach of the CO2-neutral company, as one element in a local, self –supplied energy-system.


The data used for planning the actual energy demand and its entire supply, are historic/realistic in both cases - company-/manufacturing-data as well as technical- and weather-data.

Current and future research priorities

  • Resource-efficiency in production
  • Demand side planning
  • Simulation and visualisation of material and energy flows
  • CO2-neutral manufacturing

ENER 2014 Poster: "Balancing demand and supply - a production site run by it`s own 100 % renewable energy supply"