Energy Systems Conference 2014: Findings and Results

Emden, 27.06.2014

There were many talkings and discussions about climate policy goals, ways for reaching them and  current scientific findings at the Energy Systems Conference 2014 in London.

Regarding federal guidelines, Germany increased the usage of regenerative energies as scheduled, but failed concerning the limitation of CO2-emission. This is among other things because of the high CO2-emissions after coal combustions.

Therefore the project PREmdeK is researching in a field, which is currently of high national and international interest.

The findings of the Emder research-team led by Mrs. Prof. Pechmann, lined up with a number of thematically related presentations such as south-african energy-efficiency from South-Africa, regional simulations for using renewable energies from Germany and analyses for predicting energy-demand from France.

PREmdeK itself offered leading research findings regarding an overall simulation for virtual power plants/mini-grids and thereby provides essential contributions for the present CO2-issue. • avm

Energy Systems Conference 2014

London, 24.06.2014

From June 24 to 25, 2014, Mrs. Prof. Pechmann is presenting current "PREmdeK" research news at the  "Energy Systems Conference (ENER)" in London.

This years`s conference emphasis "When Theory meets Reality", deals primarily with opportunities for a pracitable, profitable and technical realizable solution for sutainably reaching the objectives of the international goals of climate policy.

Further informations about the course and the impressions of the conference will be presented shortly. • avm

Hannover Trade Fair 2014 – Impressions and Results

Emden, 22.4.2014

Interview with Cooperation partner Transfact

Transfact is an IT Company in the area of production planning and controlling, offering both consulting services and a customizable software system. Since 2009 Transfact is one of the cooperation partners of the research projects under the coordination of Prof. Agnes Pechmann.

Together with the project-team they presented and reprensented from 7th to 11th of April our research results at our stand in the "Research & Technology"-Hall.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heiko Martin, one of the managing directors of the Transfact GmbH, shares his impressions of the Hannover trade fair in an interview:

The Hochschule Emden/Leer and Transfact together had been present at the trade fair stand of Lower Saxony. What kind of impressions did you have?

At first I want to thank Prof. Pechmann and Mrs. Schöler for the good cooperation in preparation and realization of the trade fair tasks. Our stand has been very well placed in hall 2, so that passing visitors gained a direct view on the haptic model.

The model fully fulfilled our expectations, this means interested visitors came to our stand asking specific questions regarding our services and solutions.

Our impressions of the trade fair are extremely good, as we gained new potential customers for our software-solutions [Ed. note: ERP-Software, Energy-Data-Management-Software]. What impressed me personally, was the huge international interest as from Asia or South-America.

Did a special interest of the trade fair visitors attract your attention?

The interest in our products had been noticeable attracted through the haptic model. This was a great transition to our software-solutions in the field of gaining and preparing energy data.

What meaning had our joined stand in your opinion for the topic "Research & Technology" and how well did the transport of our specific content perform?

Through the research projects "E-PPS", "RENProV" and "PREmdeK" we have been researching during the last years new fields in gaining and preparing energy data. This new knowledge and the industrial experiences we could share and deepen with potential new customers and interested visitors.

Our appearance at the Hannover trade fair confirmed our joint R&D Activitys [Ed. note: „Research & Development“] and their rightness regarding goals and further development. This applies for our company and software, as well as for the future cooperation with the Hochschule.

What impressions did you personally take with you from the trade fair week?

Taking part in the fair has definitely been worthwhile for us, because we could attract new interested parties - national as well as international - for our software-solutions. The many conversations and discussions confirmed our research activitys of the last years.

New ideas have been shared and partly discussed deeply, which can possibly result in new cooperations -  not only in the field of regenerative energies.

Forthermore we got to know new potential employees. For this kind of communication the fair offered the ideal platform

I would greatly welcome presenting our research results and practical experiences at the Hannover trade fair again in the future.

Interview and Editing: Annika Menzel

One week with PREmdeK in Hannover


Emden, 14.04.2014

It`s the 7.04.2014 and the Hannover Trade Fair`s doors are finally open for national and international guests. The "Research & Technology" hall locates at the northern entrance and contains an exhibition with current research results of Germany`s federal states.

The exhibition stand of Lower Saxony lies directly at the entrance of hall 2 and from there you walk straight towards the exhibits of Hochschule Emden/Leer - University of Applied Science.

Our haptical model draws a huge number of visitors - presenting us here at the entrance is very convenient.

Exhibits lead to curiousity and constructive discussions

Our virtual simulation runs on a prominent screen at a high table surrounded by my Team-Colleagues and the Transfact-Staff, who are already busy explaining our research results to an intrigued audience.

English and spanish are the most spoken languages this week. The huge model receives broad interest and raises countless questions. It shows a company as an energy consumer and wind-power plus a photovoltaic sytem as regenerative energy-producers for electricity and heat.

The model feeds itself with real measured data from an exemplary company.
It illustrates through turning windwheels and changing lighting conditions (night-and-day scenarios), how the different aspects of such a decentral power plant work and interact.

Haptisches Modell

CO2-neutral and cost effective – this equally attracts researchers and  entrepreneurs 

Through the tangible representation and our motivated team not only scientific curiosity but also broad public interest arouse about what at first appeared to be complicated. Not truly unexpected but fortunate nevertheless, the high demand of our co-developed Software additionally pleases the colleagues of the "RENProV-" and "PREmdeK-" Projects.

The cooperation with Transfact works very well und supplement many of the requests.

At the end of the week and many constructive talkings later, we feel fully confirmed in our vision and our research-content. A CO2-neutral manufacturing which works in small and medium sized industries and at the same time even can be financially profitable, is clearly a promising future way and of general interest. • avm

Hannover Trade Fair 2014: First impressions

  • Stele
  • Haptisches Modell
Hannovermesse 2014


Hannover trade fare 2014: A haptic model of the virtual power plant 

The concept of the virtual power plant becomes tangible. As a result of a master thesis a realistic haptic model has been developed in summer 2013.

This model covers the basic elements of our current projects „RENProV“ and „PREmdeK“. Furthermore it visualizes the processes going on within the power plant.

It shows an industrial landscape with a manufacturing company, wind power and photo-voltaic as decentral power producers and some private houses as additional consumers.

The major aspect of this work lies not solely in visualizing but in demonstrating its functionality. This means that every feature of the energy producers are programmed and realistic re-enacted. Through interactive combined interfaces the holistic impression of the research background  can be shown.

The haptical model will be first presented to a broad audience in april 2014 at the Hannover trade fair. - avm

Standplan Hannovermesse 2014

Emden, 13.12.2013

Merry Christmas!

The year 2013 is drawing to a close and the research team under the supervision of Prof. Pechmann also looks forward to the christmas holidays.

As we look back on the last year, we can be pleased with what has been achieved and wish all colleagues, partners, students and interested readers merry Christmas and a happy new year full of new opportunitys!

14. 11. 2013, Vienna

IECON 2013: Research results presented at the IWIES

On the occasion of the IECON/ICELIES/IWIES 2013 took place in Vienna on the 14th of November, research results of the “PREmdeK”-Project were presented to an expert audience.

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Sabrina Ernst, Dipl. Ing. Ilka Schöler and M. Eng. René Hackmann are a research team under the supervision of Prof. Dr. -Ing. Agnes Pechmann. Their current paper was introduced by Mrs. Ernst within the first IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IWIES) as „A simulation based feasibility study to satisfy the energy demands of SME production sites by their own multi-source renewable power plants”.

The topic as well as the presentation led to great interest and intense constructive discussions. What makes this scientific research work unique, is the use of real energy-data from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) which put  the results in a very realistic context.

Therefore is a virtual power-plant a opportunity  to fully supply SMEs with heat and electricity through exclusively used self produced renewable energies.

If you have any further questions please contact Sabrina Ernst or visit • avm

Berkeley, 06. Februar 2012

Participation the 19th CIRP

This year`s International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering took place on May 23rd till 25th 2012 in Berkeley, California (USA).

The research team of Prof. Pechmann has been represented by Mr. M. Eng. Hackmann and Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Schöler. They presented research results in two papers:

  • Pechmann, I. Schöler, R. Hackmann: Energy Efficient and Intelligent Production Scheduling - Evaluation of a new Production Planning and Scheduling Software
  • Pechmann, R. Hackmann, I. Schöler: Measuring and Visualizing different Energy sources - A Concept for an Energy Management System -

 Published in:

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World - Proceedings of the 19th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California USA, May 23rd – 25th, 2012, 491-496; 527-532.