MABi: The Institut for Mechanical and Plant Engineering


The MABi was established in spring 2001. The assignments are:

  • teaching, research and development
  • public relations to other universities und institutes
  • mentoring and technology transfer from research to firms
  • further education for employees
  • integration of students in university and non-university projects

Specialist fields

The specialist fields of the MABi are:

  • automation
  • mathematics
  • measurement engineering
  • programming
  • control engineering

Training courses

The MABi organise trainings for many topics. Some of them are:

  • 3D printing
  • microcontroller programming
  • scientific working with LaTeX
  • handling of the CNC platform LinuxCNC
  • handling of the computer algebra system Maple


Institut für Maschinen-
und Anlagenbau

Constantiaplatz 4

26723 Emden